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LAX Air Cargo Proposal

Innovative ideas and sensitive information call for extra measures in security and presentation, especially when there’s little time for in-person delivery. For this transformative infrastructure project for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), we created a proposal and sales presentation for state, local and government officials, outlining important project benefits and engaging the viewer with big ideas while making the tiniest of details accessible and clear.

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The 240+ page document explains the operational function of the facility, outlining major benefits as well as impact to the community, city, airport and air cargo industry at large. The design employs over forty custom charts, graphs, illustrations and renderings that depict the innovative features and problem-solving nature of the work. It also incorporates key financial data critical for decision-making as well as a separate executive summary brochure.

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Airis International Holdings LLC is a new breed of aviation facility development company. They prepare the legal groundwork, then master critical issues in planning, construction, and finance to position airlines and cargo carriers for enduring success. CCR is is a global airport development and management company, optimizing complex airport structures, projects and operations. They deliver best-in-class operational performance for the airline industry.

Our efforts did not go unnoticed. Not only did the proposal delivery leave a great impression, but the receiving parties have called for a reprint for greater distribution. Additionally, second and third informational gathering meetings to discuss the project have been scheduled. At the time of this publication, the project is expected to move forward.

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  • Creative Direction
  • Package Design
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Information Design
  • Infographics
  • Production


  • Fournir, Agency
  • Daren Guillory, Julia Vine, Copywriter(s)
  • CPY, Printing
  • Kennon Evett, Product Photography