Menninger Annual Report

The Menninger Clinic Publication

A world leader in psychiatric care, The Menninger Clinic needed a creative way to share their distinct vision and capabilities with prospective patients and mental health professionals. The summary annual report and editorial publication also provides financial data, effectively doubling as a marketing tool for existing and potential donors.

Menninger Annual Report Covers
Menninger Annual Report Inside Front Cover
Menninger Annual Report Cover Fold Out
Menninger Cover Detail
Menninger Portrait Detail

Editorial Design

We created a robust, editorial-style annual report designed to illustrate the dynamic nature of the human mind and Menninger’s efforts to better understand it. The illustration on the cover is an abstract representation of one of the ways that the clinic maps the mind to see the effectiveness of treatment.

Menninger Photo By Terry Vine 5
Menninger Photo By Terry Vine 1
Menninger Photo By Terry Vine 2
Menninger Photo By Terry Vine 3
Menninger Photo By Terry Vine 4

Photography & Art Direction

The people who are served by the physicians and practitioners are a key aspect of the clinic and its success. For that reason, we photographed some of the personalities who embody Menninger’s mission, which resulted in several case studies that highlight the clinic’s success. The case studies we developed were then used in the report and were also available for future communication efforts.

Menninger Annual Report List Spread
Menninger Annual Report Chart Spread Story
Menninger Annual Report Chart Spread
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Menninger Annual Report Chart
Menninger Annual Report Graph
Menninger Annual Report Graphic
Menninger Annual Report Brain Detail

Design and Layout

Every aspect of the design is carefully considered, resulting in a cover-to-cover experience that embodies the core values of the client. The layout, color, typography, photography, and printing are all working together to create an editorial experience that is both formally pleasing and functionally proficient. In addition to being their annual report on giving which provided financial information, the book also doubled as a sales tool for the marketing team.

Menninger Annual Report Financials2
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Menninger Annual Report Back Spread


  • Creative Direction
  • Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Print Design
  • Editorial Design


  • Tangelo, Agency
  • David Hoyt, Executive Director
  • Bo Sims, Account Manager
  • Cameron Miller, David Hoyt, Daren Guillory, Copywriter(s)
  • Terry Vine, Photography
  • Jay Higginbotham, Supporting Design