White Nuckle Sports
Custom Script Logotype
Product Design
One Handed Trainer
Product Design
Killer Bee Pro Maple Bat
Product Design
Pro Birch Bat
Collateral Design
Letterpress Business Cards

Brand Design

For a start-up baseball company with a focus on custom-made, bespoke wood bats for competitive athletes, we created a unique identity system and supporting elements that speak to the quality and professionalism of the product.


  • Creative Direction

    Messaging, Identity Design & Illustration

  • Art Direction

    Product Photography

  • Product Design

    Wood Bats, Training Bats, Heavy Balls

  • Apparel Design

    Shirts, Hoodies, Caps

  • Website Design

    Fully Responsive Website & E-commerce

  • Collateral

    Promotional Materials, Booklets, Sales


  • Supporting Design

    Colin Mumbach

  • Product Photography

    Kennon Evett

  • Web Development

    Phil Moody