Driven by the Challenge

This campaign identity was created as an expression of the company’s core value – the “why” behind the organization – what makes them want to come to work, solve complex challenges, and engineer the future of public spaces.


The design solution for the campaign identity was built around the idea of being completely open-ended, or “moving”, in a sense. An underlying grid was used to bring the different elements (of a complex activity and organization) into a relationship that ensures efficiency and harmony.


A distinct number of elements are arranged in a systemic way, but with endless permutations. Each one of the “+” symbols relates to one of the core values they adhere to. One only need to maintain the proper number of elements to effectively use the system.


In an effort to rally internal support, employees were given campaign materials and encouraged to use social media to promote why they come to work each day.


We created a printed, direct-mail campaign that expresses the vision of the incoming CEO, as well as explains their core values in relation to how Walter P Moore works with clients. We showcased one finished project and explained how it correlates to a core purpose.

Interior Graphics

In addition to external efforts, we created interior graphics and messaging to further communicate the core values of the brand. In some cases, the core values were simply stated. In others, we used project photos to show how one of the values was used effectively throughout the life-cycle of the specified project, thereby showing how the company delivers on its brand promise.


We created a completely custom, responsive website that features select projects – those that best represented one of the company’s core tenants. The website not only dives deeper into project specifics and how the company solves complex challenges, but serves as an adjunct to their corporate website. Walter P Moore also uses it as a marketing, sales, and recruitment tool, as the featured projects typically have a high public awareness.


  • Creative Direction

    Concept & Thematic Development

  • Art Direction

    Photography Direction, Tone, Styling

  • Graphic Design

    Brand Elements, Layout, Typography

  • Web Design

    UI, UX, Layout

  • Video

    Titles, Sequencing, Direction


  • Agency


  • Executive Creative Director

    David Hoyt

  • Copywriter

    Cameron Miller, David Hoyt

  • Account Manager

    Christina Snyder

  • Videography

    Chan Do