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UT Health

The University of Texas Health and Sciences Annual Report captures the essence of life-changing innovations the medical team, engineers and surgical staff have developed over the past year, and focuses on a micro-surgical robot destined to revolutionize non-invasive, neonatal surgery.

UT Health & Sciences 
Robot testing day
UT Health & Sciences 
Robot motor assembly
UT Health & Sciences 
Robotic testing in context
UT Health & Sciences 
Robotic motor prototype spread
UT Health & Sciences 
Infographics spread
UT Health & Sciences 
Folio details
UT Health & Sciences 
Doctor portraits


Due to the narrative development and rich storytelling throughout the journal, there was increased awareness, communication and outreach between the University, existing and potential donors, as well as alumni, faculty and staff. Additionally, efforts to communicate the value of other departments were initiated.


  • Creative Direction / Thematic Development / Messaging

  • Art Direction / Tone / Color / Approach / Photography Direction

  • Editorial Design / Pacing / Layout

  • Production / Materials Selection / Finishing

  • Illustration / Diagrams / Charts / Infographics


  • Agency / Tangelo

  • Executive Creative Director / David Hoyt

  • Account Manager / Bo Sims

  • Copywriter / David Hoyt / Cameron Miller / UT Health

  • Editorial Photography / Terry Vine

  • Supporting Illustration / Levi Huddleston / Jay Higginbotham

  • Videography / Petro