TDon’s Cajun Goods
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In certain parts of Deep South Louisiana, you’ll hear the letter, “T” in front of someone’s name. For example, locals may address the son or daughter of Don as, “T·Don” instead of their actual name. Translated, it simply means, “Little Don”. This is cultural vernacular, or a term of endearment in most cases.

Small Batch

T·Don’s is a father/son, small batch operation dedicated to producing high quality blends of spices that provide a particular depth of flavor and heat intensity, along with a completely unique flavor profile. The carefully crafted brand elements reflect the premium nature of their products, while maintaining a sense of levity and approachability that speaks to their family roots.

The spices are intensely flavorful, all natural, and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives. One of the main product benefits is the fact that there is no added salt. This puts the decision on salt into the hands of the consumer, saving space for great ingredients.

Brand Elements

In addition to the brand identity, brand elements, and product photography, we created custom labels to wrap the bottle on the premium blend of all natural spices. Partnering with Chef Ara Malekian of Harlem Road Texas BBQ and Debora Smail, we created product and supporting photographs to be used in a variety of mediums.


A simple e-commerce website was created and launched to provide additional product information and generate online sales. An expanded website with additional background information, narrative, recipes and helpful tips is currently being planned.

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  • Creative Direction / Thematic Direction / Personality / Narrative

  • Art Direction / Tone / Approach / Food Styling

  • Design / Layout

  • Illustration / Supporting Brand Elements

  • Social Media / Management

  • Web Design / E-commerce

  • Package Design / Product Development


  • Design Office / Fournir

  • Design / Daren Guillory / Jay Higginbotham

  • Photographer / Debora Smail

  • Stand-in / Chef Ara Malekian