TDon’s Cajun Goods
package design


In certain parts of Deep South Louisiana, locals put a “T” in front of names to mean “little”. This is a cultural term of endearment in a sense, as the speaker would have known or currently knows the father of the individual they are speaking to, for instance, “T·Don” really means, “Little Don”.

Small Batch

At its core, T·Don’s is a father/son, small batch operation dedicated to producing a high quality blend of spices that provide a particular blend of heat and depth of flavor. The carefully crafted brand elements reflect the premium nature of the product while maintaining a sense of levity.

Brand Elements

In addition to the brand identity, brand elements, and product photography, we created a custom label for the premium blend of all natural spices. Partnering with Chef Ara Malekian and Debora Smail, we documented the package and created product shots and supporting photography that could be used in a variety of mediums.


  • Creative Direction

    Thematic Direction, Personality, Narrative

  • Art Direction

    Tone, Food Styling, Approach

  • Design

    Package Design, Supporting Elements, Illustration

  • Social Media

    Ongoing Management

  • Web Design



  • Design Office


  • Designer

    Daren Guillory, Jay Higginbotham

  • Photographer

    Debora Smail

  • Model

    Chef Ara Malekian, Harlem Road Texas BBQ