Nicklaus Childrens Lobby Interactive Displays
Nicklaus Childrens 3 D Hologram Heart Graphics
Nicklaus Childrens 3 D Hologram Detail 2
Nicklaus Childrens 3 D Hologram Detail 1
Nicklaus Childrens 3 D Holograms
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Interactive Narrative and Permanent Installations

In the main lobby of the new patient bed tower at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, we created a seamless technology wall that incorporates 3D holographic displays – telling a unique patient success story and how technology saved a child’s life. Additionally, we integrated a custom video wall with sound alcove for the hospital’s various marketing efforts.

Nicklaus Childrens Donor Recognition Interactive Installation
Nicklaus childrens donor interactive exhibit
Nicklaus Childrens Donor Recognition Installation Detail
Nicklaus Childrens Donor Recognition Installation Detail Touch

Interactive Donor Recognition

To honor a growing list of monetary contributors to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, both past and present, we created an integrated, multi-touch array of displays that allows visitors to explore information about the donors as well as learn more about giving programs. A custom content management system allows the hospital to add donors and match them to their contribution level at any time. The wall displays donors within categories and lists according to the amount given and is searchable and sortable via user input.

Nicklaus Childrens Lobby Campaign Donor Recognition
Nicklaus childrens donor permanent exhibit
Nicklaus Childrens Campaign Donor Recognition Detail
Nicklaus Childrens Campaign Donor Recognition Detail Letter

Permanent Donor Recognition

The “Together for the Children” campaign donor recognition installation commemorates generous donors who gave to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital over the course of a specific period of time, for this specific initiative. The wall integrates seamlessly into the built environment and millwork via custom acrylic painted panels. Each acrylic panel lists donors in alphabetical order to make up the word “together”.


  • Creative Direction
  • Environmental Graphic Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Design Direction
  • Software Design
  • UX Design


  • Formation, Agency
  • Daren Guillory, Tyler Swanner, Philip LeBlanc, Creative Director(s)
  • Daren Guillory, Design Director, Designer
  • Erich Theaman, Project Management
  • Philip LeBlanc, Erich Theaman, Jonah Gonzales, Construction Documentation
  • PM Screen, Software Design
  • PM Screen, DSignage, Hardware
  • DCL Orlando, Graphtec, Fabricator(s)
  • Studio LHOOQ, Photography
  • Mak Studios, Pedestal