Dziuks Meat Market Butcher
Dziuks Meat Market Shield Logo
Dziuks Meat Market Tertiary Logo

Brand Design

In the midst of an expansion and ownership transition, Dzuik’s was looking to position themselves as a premium meat market brand without losing their family-run, small-town stature.

Dziuks Meat Market Primary Logo
Dziuks Meat Market Color
Dziuks Meat Market Butcher Patch

Art Direction

Partnering with Debora Smail, we were able to style and capture image and video assets that brought the Dziuk’s brand to life. Using natural light and found materials, the photos capture the quality and detail of the products, and create a strong visual foundation to use across all touch points.

Dziuks Jerky Butcher Paper
Dziuks Dried Sausage
Dziuks Meat Market Bbq Package
Dziuks Meat Market T Bone
Dziuks Meat Market Pork Loin
Dziuks Meat Market Knives Scabard

Experience Design

We designed many of the elements that contribute to the entire brand experience in both physical and digital spaces, including but not limited to: merchandise, apparel, interior and exterior signage, as well as custom butcher paper and stamps for packaging.

Dziuks Meat Market T Shirt2
Dziuks Meat Market T Shirt1
Dziuks Meat Market Label Details
Dziuks Meat Market Path Hat
Dziuks Meat Market Exterior Signage Plan
Dziuks Meat Market Interior Signage Paint
Dziuks Meat Market Exterior Neon
Dziuks Meat Market Window Gold Leaf
Dziuks Meat Market Stamp2
Dziuks Meat Market Stamp1
Dziuks Meat Market Quality
Dziuks Meat Market Butcher Paper
Dziuks Meat Market Knives Patch
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Web Design

We created a responsive website that integrated newly designed elements and photographs, tying it all together with an easy to use content management system that allows the owner to easily fulfill orders and manage inventory.


The website saw a 67% conversion rate, with over 450 units sold and gross revenue of 56K in the first 8 months. This was both unexpected and unprecedented, given there was never an online presence. Additionally, the store saw increased foot traffic due to increased visibility from the nearby freeway. Overall, the branding efforts had a tremendous effect on the entire community.


  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Identity Guidelines
  • Packaging Design
  • Web Design
  • Apparel Design
  • Merchandise Design
  • Illustration


  • Tangelo, Agency
  • David Hoyt, Executive Creative Director
  • Bo Sims, Account Manager
  • Daren Guillory, Tyler Swanner, Creative Director(s)
  • Daren Guillory, Design Director, Designer
  • Videography, Tyler Swanner
  • Debora Smail, Photographer
  • Sean Starr, Traditional Sign Painting