Mixed Media

During my university studies, one of my projects centered around US greenback vernacular. Being drawn to historic ephemera and ancient reproduction techniques, I scoured local thrift shops and collected tiny bits and scraps about consumerism, advertising and various other seemingly connected concepts. The results are posted here.

Found Messages

Some of the experimentations became about the variety of hidden phrases and underlying messages embedded within the found materials. Though on the surface they seemed disconnected, with similar methods and techniques they were appropriated, deconstructed and combined, becoming their own unique artifacts in the process.

Finished Piece

The result of the project was a sketch book that ended up being an extremely tactile expression, and a finished collection of artistic vignettes and found messages which were composed around a functioning calendar.


  • Silkscreen


  • Pen and Ink


  • Hand-drawn typography


  • Collage

    Xerox Transfer

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Experimental ·¬†Mixed Media